63 Wharf St. Suite 50 Morgantown, WV          (304) 680-2665

Morgantown's Premier PRIVATE Escape Room. Never Play With Strangers. It's Just Your Group in the Room.

Length: 90 Minutes

Price: $38 Per Person

Difficulty: 3/5

Players: 2-8



Mitzi Gaylord was a gal with a special talent. Her voice was taking her places until someone wanted to silence her. She was last seen performing at the Horseshoe Club, a secret hub of criminal activity. The local PD have been working the case, but it has gone cold. There's reason to believe that the notorious gangster, known as Al Capone, has something to do with Mitzi's disappearance. Catching Capone however won't be easy. Only those with the finest detective skills have a chance at solving this mystery! Think you have what it takes to bring down one of the most infamous criminals in history? Get your CHASE On!

About Gameplay:


1. Game Type: High Tech Sensored Props. As well as many manual locks.

2. This game is fantastic for all levels of play. But bring your detective skills  to solve this one. There are over 20 puzzles that require keen observation in order to solve this room.

3. Adults MUST accompany minors under the age of 14

4. NOTE: This game does contain flashing lights and intense visual and audio effects.


NOTE TO TRAVELING ENTHUSIASTS: This game is a remix of the Escape Works game “The Horseshoe Club” and our own in house production. The game contains 45% unique in house content. But if you have played this game elsewhere 55% of its elements will be the same.

Game Trailer:

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