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Morgantown's Premier PRIVATE Escape Room. Never Play With Strangers. It's Just Your Group in the Room.

Length: 60 Minutes

Price: $30 Per Person

Difficulty: 4/5

Players: 2-8



A dear distant relative of yours has died. Unfortunately your relationship with her was turbulent at best over the years. Unbelievably she has willed to you a large inheritance, but there is a catch. She has hidden the money somewhere in her estate and declared that you have only 60 minutes to find it. If you fail, all assets will be turned over to the state. Can you foil her plans to get the last laugh?

About Gameplay:


1. Game Type: High Tech Sensored Props. Very few manual locks.

2. Our first high tech game has quickly become a fan favorite! If you have not played this game, you are missing out on a truly special escape room. It contains a perfect blend of challenge and fun that is clever and tricky. Win or lose you will remember this experience for many years to come.

3. This game will take your entire team to solve. No watchers in this one! Two completely separate puzzle lines run the entire length of the game.

4.This game is best played by those with at least some escape room experience.

5. Adults should accompany minors.


NOTE TO TRAVELING ENTHUSIASTS: This game is a remix of the N.E.R.D game “Aunt Edna’s Condo” and our own in house production. The game contains 55% unique in house content. But if you have played this game elsewhere, 45% of its elements will be the same.

Game Trailer:

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